How to become Chiropractor?


Who is Chiropractor?

Chiropractor is a trained medical professional who treats, diagnoses and prevents muscular disorders specially of Spine. A Chiropractor may hold Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree and may be referred to as “doctor” but is not a doctor of Medicine (MD). Many Chiropractors believe that the general health issues we face in our body is due to mechanical disorders of the joints specially spines and soft tissues.



D D Palmer founded Chiropractic in 1890s and said that the principles of Chiropractic were passed on to him by a doctor who had died 50 years previously. His son B J Palmer continued his works to expand practice in early 20th century.

Nature of job


The main form of treatment involves adjustments of the Spines to its correct position through optimal mechanical pressure and manual treatment of the soft tissues and other joints. Chiropractors take great care to apply right amount of mechanical pressure on the spines and other joints or soft tissues to align them to the correct position so blood flow continues smoothly. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure to diagnose the ailing patients through manual handling followed by exercises, massage and may be ice therapy.

Qualifications and Scope


A 5-year integrated Bachelor’s degree or B.Sc. in Chiro followed by a 2 to 3-year Masters’ degree program or M.Sc. in Chiro. After the completion of a Masters’ degree, a candidate needs to obtain a doctorate in Chiropractic (DC).

One can pursue Undergraduate program of 3 years, Masters’ Program 2 years or Doctoral Program 4 years. For integrated program a candidate should have completed 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology and for Masters one should hold bachelor’s degree of 3 years.

There are various specializations for Chiropractors like in the case of Pediatrics, Nutrition, Orthopedics and Sports where Chiropractors’ quick decision-making skills are of high importance and vitality.

List of Institutes Offering Chiropractic Courses:
  1. Holy Angels College of Alternative Medicines, Mumbai.
  2. Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research (IAMR), Kolkata.

Career Opportunities

  • Government hospitals: With separate Chiropractic departments, starting salary Rs 30k
    to 40k per month depending upon specialization and one can gain experience to go for
  • Clinics and Health Departments: In the local hospitals and state with starting salary of
    Rs 25k to 40k per month.
  • Nursing Homes: Nursing Homes are on rise these days where Chiropractors maintain
    the ecosystem of treatments and can earn Rs 35k to 40k per month.
  • Education Institutes: Institutes and Universities also look for trained and experienced
    Chiropractors to teach and train the aspirants with salary of Rs 40k to 45k per month.
  • Old Age Homes and Private Hospitals: The prominent old age homes of private
    hospitals in India Shradha Nand, Mahilashram, Jesus the Way Trust, Ashraya Welfare
    Organization, Ammucare Charitable Trust offer Chiropractors monthly salary of Rs 25k
    to 45k.
  • Sports: A Sports Chiropractor specializes in treating the injured athletes or other
    sportsman with proper manual muscular treatment, also to improve the performance of
    player and they provide lucrative offers where Chiropractors charge Rs 1500 to 5000 per
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Written By - Ajay Sahu