How to become Investment Banker?

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What is an Investment Banking?

Investment Banking is one of the captivating fields in the world of finance these days, people worldwide are aspiring to be Investment Bankers and making a career out here. An investment bank is a private company that provides services related to finance and other services to corporations, individuals, and governments. It may also facilitate companies involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and assist in areas such as trading of derivatives and equity securities. It differs from commercial or retail banks as it doesn’t accept deposits.

Why Investment Banking?

The young aspirants are drawn to this field of work due to its dignity and high earning potential, people going into investment banking usually need to have a practical mindset and think out of the box. Below are some reasons why Investment Banking as a carrier might be a good option for you:

  • You’re interested in the skills you’ll gain as an investment banking analyst, such as Excel, and financial modeling. 
  • You want to learn more about high profile transactions, financial markets, and how a company makes financial decisions.

How to become an Investment Banker?

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Making a career in Investment Banking is a multi-step procedure that will need education, aim, multilevel networks, hard work, and smart work.


Investment bankers can hail from various backgrounds but being a mathematical expert is great. It would be best if candidates had a bachelor’s degree in financeaccountingeconomics, or mathematics. But aspirants from other fields like computer science, arts, or physics can also enter on this path. Entry-level positions like analysts require only a bachelor’s degree, but MBAs and CFAs are most common for higher levels.

A degree in Law or a master’s in financial mathematics may also be helpful.


An excellent way to get the gist of making a career in Investment Banking and create a professional network is to do an internship. It can help candidates to be well-versed with the details of investment banking.

Top Employers

Central investment banks recruit analysts and associates from top business schools and interns who have worked with them. So, if you are not an alumnus of a prestigious B-school or could not get the right internship, then connections are the only thing you can trust on.

Skills Required

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  • Mathematical Skills: For making a career in Investment Banking, mathematics is one of the key skills for sustaining in the Investment Banking Industry. If you have no basic knowledge of calculations and solving problems skills then Investment Banking is not the right place for you.
  • Analytical Skills: It is also an integral skill an aspirant must possess.
  • Basic Knowledge of Finance: It includes knowledge of three basic statements such as Profit & Loss AccountBalance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
  • Basic & Advanced Ideas of PowerPoint and Excel: Aspirants are required to know the basic and advanced ideas of both the tools because 80% of the work of Investment Banking consists of working on Excel and PowerPoint presentations.  

Process and Training

Investment Bankers undergo a rigorous period of training through their employers, it helps new analysts with principles of accounting, markets, risk, financial statement analysis, and financial modeling. They also learn about negotiation skillspresentation skills, and communication skills.

Top 10 Investment Banking Colleges in India

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There are numerous courses you can take to build your career as an Investment Banker. Here is a list of top colleges in India for you:

  1.  Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  2. Indian College of Business, Hyderabad
  3. Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
  4. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad
  5. Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
  6. MICA, Ahmedabad
  7. School of Management Studies, Delhi
  8. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University
  9. Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Delhi University
  10. Lala Lajpat Rai College of Communication & Economics, Mumbai

Investment Bankers’ Salary and Job Profiles:

CategorySalary per annum in INRSalary per annum in USD
Financial Analyst5 lakhs – 8 lakhs6,800 – 10,900 
Account Manager7 lakhs – 12 lakhs 9,500 – 16,000
Relationship Manager7 lakhs – 9 lakhs 9,500 – 12,300 
Business Analyst6 lakhs – 12 lakhs 8,200 – 16,000 
Bank Manager6 lakhs – 10 lakhs 8,200 – 13,600 
Research Analyst6 lakhs – 10 lakhs 8,200 – 13,600 
Chief Financial Officer15 lakhs – 20 lakhs20,500 – 27,300
Equity Research Analyst7.5 lakhs – 12 lakhs10,200 – 16,000
Written by – Ajay Sahu (MBA)